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SOAS Concert Series: a new season of free concerts

SOAS concert series 2011/12. Free administion to all concerts - no booking required.
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Reading, Performance
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21 Oct 2011 - 04 May 2012
London, England

Venue capacity is limited; entry is granted on a first come first served system. Please arrive early to avoid disappointment.

SOAS, University of London, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG


Friday 21 October 2011
Spectacular vocal trio from the depths of Siberia
Sakha (Yakutia) is a land of hunters and herders, and its music-making culture seeks communion with the natural world, interacting with it and reproducing its ambience. Ayarkhaan have been at the forefront of the revival and innovation of Sakha music for many years. Their performances create a flow that takes the listener on a fascinating journey into the Siberian soundscape: the horses, the birds, the wind…the proto-musical world where natural and human-made sounds blend.

Thursday 03 November 2011
Senegalese roots at their most seductive
Laye Sow is one of the most exciting musicians to come out of Senegal. He has a voice that soars as high as the desert sun and as low as the deep blue of the desert where he is from. Of Dogan and Fula heritage, the music takes you on a journey from his village on the edge of the Sahara to the happening night clubs of Dakar. Like his forefathers before him, Laye sings of everyday events and the people he has known, of loves and passions, and of life and death, with a touching sincerity.

Monday 21 November 2011
London’s Young Klezmer Sensation
She’Koyokh is London’s award-winning klezmer ensemble performing Ashkenazi Jewish, Eastern European, Balkan and Turkish music everywhere they can: from international festivals to weddings to street corners. At the forefront of the revival of Eastern European roots music in the UK, the group brings a fresh energy to an extensive repertoire ranging from exhilarating Bulgarian and Turkish folk tunes to soulful Ashkenazi melodies from the villages in Poland, Romania and the Ukraine.

Monday 05 December 2011
Traditional & contemporary koto music
A rare chance to hear Kameyama Kono, one of Japan’s foremost Yamada-ryukoto masters performing a range of traditional and modern pieces for koto, shamisen and shakuhachi. Having studied under the legendary koto teacher and composer, Nakanoshima Kin-ichi, she embarked on a solo career bringing new lights to the roots of the classical repertoire while also exploring contemporary koto music through an acclaimed series of concerts, CD recordings and performances on TV and radio. In this recital she will be accompanied by the rising shamisen star Kaori Naka, and Michael Soumei Coxall on shakuhachi.

Friday 16 December 2011
RUMBA ORISHA feat. Martha Galarraga
An Afro-Cuban explosion of rhythm
Martha Galarraga is an expert in Afro-Cuban styles, from Yoruba to Congo, Arará, Tumba Francesa, Franco Haitiano, Gagá, Carabali and Rumba. Following in her father’s footsteps, Lázaro Galarraga, a great authority on Yoruba songs and leader of Conjunto Folklorico, Martha’s energy, ardor, powerful voice and thorough knowledge of the traditions make her one of the best interpreters of Afro-Cuban music. Accompanying Martha on this rare visit will be London-based ensemble, Rumba Orisha.

Friday 20 January 2012
Jaljala feat. Merit Ariane
From Oum Kalthoum to Fairuz and beyond
Young and talented, singer Merit Ariane Stephanos has teamed up with veterans of the London Arabic scene to present a delightful programme of Arabic classical, popular and folk songs, mainly from Egypt and Lebanon repertoire. Classics by such luminaries as Fairuz, Abdel Halim Hafiz and Oum Kalthoum are brought to new life with flair and feeling.

Monday 30 January 2012
Celtic tales, legends & languages
Rún is the Gaelic word for ‘secret, wish or love’. Led by Co:Down singer/harper, Brona McVittie, the group explores Celtic legend and lore through song. Their debut album, “Sé: Songs from the Six Celtic Nations” is a collection of close-harmony arrangements of songs in Irish, Scots Gaelic, Manx, Welsh, Cornish and Breton dialects. The London-based quartet performs regularly around town and has also performed at many festivals including Glastonbury and Celtic Connections.

Monday 27 February 2012
Darbar Festival: Roopa Panesar
Rising Young Sitar Diva
A sitar recital by one of Europe’s finest and most charismatic young musicians playing the most iconic of Indian instruments, the sitar. Roopa Panesar’s soulful and unique style of playing has left her listeners enthralled and craving for more. She has recorded music for the soundtrack of the critically acclaimed film, ‘West is West’ and performed at venues such as the Purcell Room in London and the Town Hall in Birmingham.
In association with Darbar Festival.

Thursday 08 March 2012
Sudanese roots meet global inspiration
Sudanese-Italian singer/songwriter Amira Kheir is creating a sound that is inspired by traditional Sudanese singing and instrumentation, blended with elements of Jazz, Soul, African as well as Middle Eastern music. The unique result gives a taste of Sudan’s rich cultural heritage in the context of our ever-merging world. Her music is evocative of Northern Sudan’s desert landscape, celebrating its ancient culture and multitude realities, while rooted in a compelling call to come together to share our single human journey.

Monday 19 March 2012
BALINESE GENDÉR WAYANG: Segara Madu with Tim Jones
“The Birth of Kala” - a Balinese tale
Balinese gendér wayang, a miniature gamelan made up of a quartet of bronze metallophones, was described by composer Colin McPhee as: “Perhaps the highest, and certainly the most sensitive form of musical expression existing in Bali”. Traditionally, it is used to accompany rituals and shadow puppet plays. SOAS-based group Segara Madu together with actor and storyteller Tim Jones bring a fresh perspective to a terrifyingly dramatic Balinese legend telling of the origin of these instruments in a concert that mixes traditional and new music.

Monday 30 April 2012
From Medieval chants to New Music in three voices
Voice is a London-based, female a-cappella trio performing a varied repertoire spanning both ages and continents. Formed in 2006, Voice performs secular and non-secular music from the medieval chant of Hildegard von Bingen, to twenty-first-century commissions, and folk songs from around the world. Their distinctive sound is driven by individual voices that blend to create beautiful harmonies.

Friday 04 May 2012
“Brazil, Meu Amor”
Originally from Argentina, Guillermo Rozenthuler is well known as one of the finest tango interpreters on the London Latin scene. In his new programme he finally admits to his love-affair with Brazilian music. For 20 years now he has been cultivating a repertoire that brings together the best of Bossa Nova, Samba and MPB styles. Guillermo’s warmly expressive vocals and accomplished guitar playing capture all the passion and rhythmic wealth of Brazilian songs, augmented by some of the finest Latin musicians in London.

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