ADAD - The Association of Dance of the African Diaspora
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ADAD is a national organisation that supports the practice and appreciation of dance of the African Diaspora.

We want dance of the African Diaspora to be visible and valued as part of the British cultural experience.

ADAD has a unique role, working on behalf of talented dance artists who are part of the African Diaspora, to support their development and raise the profile of their work.

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ADAD exists to:

  • Enable artists through continuing professional development
  • Develop new pathways to a sustainable future through education and training
  • Build networks through hosting events and sharing information
  • Foster pride in dance of the African Diaspora through celebrating heritage

ADAD associates & partnership

The London Hub
ADAD is a member of The London Hub a group of artists that express the vibrancy of London’s multiple cultures in a variety of spaces and theatres.
ADAD is a supporting partner of the Dance Teachers Accreditation Partnership.

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